Review: Fadetheblackk - Successful

Fadetheblackk is a hip-hop artist and engineer, who is currently based out of New York, NY. In 2018, Fadetheblackk teamed up with Warner Music Group as part of their new Indie Platform level, and through them has released his newest project, “Visions”. In 2019 he released 4 singles which received co-signs from publications such as Ear Milk, Lyrical Lemonade, Respect Magazine, The HypeMagazine, HipHopSince1987, ItsBizkit, and Essentially Pop to name a few, Fade is on the radar as the next New York City breakout star.

Successful is the brand new single and is a beautifully composed hip-hop track. To fully express the song's meaning, his pleasant vocals make listeners pay attention to the lyrics.

Successful starts with beat, and when the vocals kick in. it grabs the listener's attention immediately. The song gives listeners over 4 minutes of enjoyment because of the whole mood of the track and carefully written lyrics, that makes this track a perfect example of a great rap track.

To sum up, Successful is an amazingly catchy song that will stay on repeat for a long time.