Interview: ÁBI

Today we are sharing an interview with ÁBI: 21-year-old Korean-American R&B/Pop artist and vocalist with mixed heritage from South Korea, who draws inspiration from her duality in identity and reflects them in her music and performances. She grew up singing in church at a young age, and has since continued her path to pursue her passion in songwriting and performance.

1. First of all, tell us about how did you start your music career?

- It’s actually quite a funny story. I didn’t necessarily intend on diving into this industry, and sometimes I think it picked me- in my Junior year of High School, I was making YouTube videos covering songs that I enjoyed singing to myself in my room. Unexpectedly, it caught the attention of a producer of a television broadcasting company who then reached out to me asking if I would be interested in a casting/audition opportunity. I took the plunge, completely unaware of what I was getting myself into because I was young and didn’t really have anything to lose. I was still figuring out what I wanted to study in college, and I was hoping that this opportunity would shed some light on that. So, I auditioned, made it to the semi-finals on the television show, and pretty much decided when I got eliminated that I wanted to learn more about the music industry!

2. Who are your music inspirations?

- Sara Bareilles, Amy Winehouse, Billy Joel, Carole King, Emily King, Lianne La Havas, Erykah Badu, Jessie J, Tori Kelly, to name a few!

3. Our readers would like to know more about your music. Any interesting facts?

- I had no idea what my sound was until I started writing and developing my music with my band, ÁBI. We all come from extremely varying cultural and musical backgrounds, but share an undeniable chemistry with each other and it’s definitely reflected in our music, which you can’t necessarily box away into one category or genre of music. But I love that about my team. I think we deliver tasteful surprises.

4. What opinions have you recieved about your music?

- “ÁBI is a vastly diverse and growing R&B band. It is led by the beautifully spoken and musically driven Abigail Kim, who doesn’t set any boundaries or limits to her emotions and views. She brings to life the stories that others crave to hear, the experiences that her listeners can’t help but relate to, and the personality which makes her stand out in any crowd. Her eccentric nature and unstoppable energy continue to place her in situations where more and more listeners become encapsulated in her music, entering her world through her eyes.“

5. What do you like to do more: songwriting or performing?

- Gosh, that’s hard! I LOVE both equally as much!

6. Which countries do you want to visit with tour?

- I would absolutely love to do a tour in Europe. The musical culture there is so vibrant and I would love to travel and be embraced in that atmosphere.

7. How do you deal with haters?

- I don’t. :’)

8. What would you tell to your fans?

- Your love and support mean everything to me. I’m growing and learning so much from life every day, and I’m extremely excited for everything that’s ahead. If we’re not friends already, let’s be friends!