Interview: ALЁNA

Today we are sharing an interview with ALЁNA: a Brooklyn-based pop/electro/deep house singer and songwriter. She started to play piano and sing when she was 6, and by the time she graduated from music school she was performing at various concerts and theaters across Europe. She did some acting and had a few small roles in TV shows based out of Moscow. At the age of 17 she moved to the USA and graduated with an International Business Degree from a college in Boston, Mass.

Hi ALËNA! Congrats on your debut single release “FEEL IT”! How are you feeling? I mean how are you “feeling it”? :))

- Lol! Thank you, I am “feeling it” great! :))) So happy I am finally writing and releasing my music! Sometimes can’t even believe it! But I already can’t wait to share another song with the world :))

Wow, it’s amazing!! Tell us a bit about yourself! Where you were born, how and when you came to the States etc.

- I was born and raised in Moscow. Never thought of moving to another country, it just all happened out of nowhere. After graduating high school i got accepted to the US college and moved here to get my International Business Baccalaureate degree. Still can't decide where i really want to live haha!

When did you start writing music—and what or who were your early passions and influences?

- For some reason, i only started writing music about a year ago, not sure how i have been postponing this all my entire life and not paying attention to my instincts and intuition to get involved. Nevertheless, my first song was born as a gift to someone special! However, i started playing piano at the age of 5 or 6 and asked my parents to buy me a piano and later graduated from musical school with a diploma. My taste in music is very inconsistent - different artists from different genres, but i only listen to the one's that really find a soft spot in my heart. Nero, Linkin Park, Jan Blomqvist, Kaskade, and so many more..

How would you describe your music genre?

- I would say it’s electro-pop-deep house.

What are your main impulses to write a new song?

- I really want to make people happy when they listen to my songs, and make them forget about all the bad things. Just to enjoy that particular moment.

What is going on right now in your music world?

- I am back to the studio, working on another song, that I am hopefully going to share with you somewhere in May-June. I feel very inspired and super productive. Want to write, sing, perform!

Congratulations again! And we haven’t gotten enough of your debut single but we are already super intrigued and can’t wait to hear your next song! So please don’t take too long lol

- Hahaha! I won’t! :)) Follow her: