Interview: Indoe

Today we are sharing an interview with Indoe. Raised in Hermosa Beach, CA before relocating to Montclair, NJ Indoe found her footing as a very young girl doing background vocals for rap legends like Big L and MC Lyte before she was even old enough to drive.

1. First of all, tell us about how did you start your music career?

– I started my music career at the age of 13 doing background vocals and writing for the likes of Big L , Supacat and hanging around The Fugees.

2. Who are your music inspirations?

– My musical expressions are of course Whitney Houston the Mariah Carey‘s of the world Stevie wonder. I love his musicality and so many more. I take so much from like Tupac and BIG, Lauryn Hill of course who I grew up around.

3. Our readers would like to know more about your song Deep. Any interesting facts?

– Well, Deep is very autobiographical song about a relationship that I was in and I had to figure out that I need to put myself first once I realized that he did not take me seriously if I took him and put the amount of effort in that I put in.

4. What opinions have you recieved about the music video you recently released?

– I’ve had nothing but incredible feedback in regards to my video. I’m so thankful to all parties concerned that helped the extras, who came and sat in 30° weather to help make it special: the director Ronald Reid and, of course, my label for facilitating the whole thing.

5. What do you like to do more: songwriting or performing?

– Well, songwriting is a skill I picked up doing performing so I would say performing is definitely the larger love for me. It is my first passion. Songwriting just happens to be something that found me, I didn’t find it.

6. Which countries do you want to visit with tour?

– I would love to go back to Paris, I would love to go to South America. something about South America that so lively and I think they would respond really well to my music.

7. How do you deal with haters?

– Who? I don’t acknowledge it because to me it’s not real bad someone’s job. I’m doing my job. that’s their job, I’m not going to give any credence to that.

8. What would you tell to your fans?

– Chase your dreams no matter what, never let anyone stop you from doing what you want to do.