Interview: Jahski

Today we are sharing an interview with Jahski, who has been musically inclined since childhood. Recently he has released his promo single Go With Me.

1. First of all, tell us about how did you start your music career?

- I’ve been singing since I was about 5 years old. My family has been performers all of my life. So I’ve always loved music and dreamt of one day making it a career.

2. Who are your music inspirations?

- Some of my inspirations would be Chris Brown, Sarah Vaughan, Luther Vandross, Sade, & Jamie Foxx. Just to name a few.

3. Our readers would like to know more about your new music. Any interesting facts?

- The music I have been recently working on that is set to release soon, is really some of my favorite songs yet. I’ve created polls for my supporters to help choose a single as well by releasing snippets of the choices.

4. What opinions have you recieved about your music?

- That I have a charming and soulful sound. I’ve also been compared to Frank Ocean and Miguel.

5. What do you like to do more: songwriting or performing?

- That’s a tough one, but I love creating.

6. Which countries do you want to visit with tour?

- Japan, UK, and Brazil.

7. How do you deal with haters?

- I don’t.

8. What would you tell to your fans?

- Thank you so much for the love and support. Let’s take this journey together! Follow Jahski: