Interview: JCraig

Today we are sharing an interview with JCraig. Blazing an ever evolving fresh sound, his electrifying lyrics mixed with edgy rock melodies and smooth rap will have you headed to the dance floor no matter where it finds you. A producer at heart, JCraig knows how to spin southern funk soul for the masses by reaching your feet with fresh

beats and leaving you wanting more.

1. Describe your music for those who have never heard it.

– My music is a compilation of several genres to include, gospel, soul, r&b, country, blues, rock and hiphop. My influences span a wide time range and I use all of them to create music that is relevant in the current music industry. My fans are from different demographics, multiracial and multicultural.

2. Tell us about your new single Risk It All.

– Risk It All, is the JCraig driving force meaning, that I love this craft enough to take risk above and beyond anything else in my life right now. I'm not married, I have four children, all grown up, and presently I'm engaged with the JCraig business. The song itself is upbeat, inspirational, motivational and is a great driving song, especially in the morning if you're headed to work or getting prepared to accomplish a mission of some sort. If you play sports, armed forces, police force, firefighter, cost guard, paratrooper or daredevil, this is your theme song too.

3. What inspires you to pursue music?

– Music is in my bloodline from way back before I was born. My great grandmother had 11 children and they all sang, preached or both. The family was/is very religious and our talent was well rehearsed in the church forum. I always aspired to be a star in the music business and I pursued it from high school on into my adulthood. Now that the industry doors are open, I plan to do this until it's no longer possible.

4. Greatest career accomplishment so far?

– Having songs played on the radio has to be my greatest accomplishments along with, getting positive feedback from real fans.

5. What has been your biggest challenge?

– I have to make money doing whatever I dedicate my time to, so getting paid to do this, is main objective.

6. What is your music goal for the year?

– To get my 1st hit, tons of rotation and billboard chart placement.