Interview: KAIYA

Meet KAIYA - a Ukrainian born & NYC-based model, indie-pop-electronic singer and artist. She was born in Ukraine and grew up in the European fashion world. Her music has been getting pretty amazing feedback from indie pop audiences all around the globe, as well as music blogs and magazines from the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Russia.

SPARKLING SOUND BLOG: Hi KAIYA! Thank you for taking some time to come talk to us! :)

KAIYA: Hi guys! Thank you for having me! My pleasure.

SPARKLING SOUND BLOG: We have a few questions here ready for you.

KAIYA: Can’t wait! :))

1. What is your NYC experience as a model?

— I moved here in my sweet 16... I basically grew up here, in the world of fashion. I started my career as a fashion model from DKNY runway, and since then it has been a pretty amazing journey.

There have been many ups & downs. I didn’t really care much about details then, but now I do... In the last 5-10 years fashion has been changing dramatically... I wish I knew more about that when I started. But I guess everything comes with experience. I could give myself such a great advice about so many things, but instead, I had to live though and learn on my own mistakes... As we all do :) It’s formed me the way I am now, and am grateful for that. NY is tough, no matter what industry you are in. You always have a huge competition, and never enough hours in a day. Truly, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere! :)

2. What is your NYC experience as a musician?

— It’s tricky... I know exactly the place I want to be as a musician, and NYC can twist you in very many ways. But the same time there are tons of different opportunities, so it’s always a mater of your choice and your focus. For now I’m just working on my debut album, finding my way, playing with Ableton... Working with ÅMBE - Brooklyn-based producer and songwriter on new music. Putting out some music.. My debut music video is on post-production right now. I have a couple of different ideas and collaborations on my mind.

3. What is your NYC experience as an artist?

— I was painting growing up, and then I stopped after finishing my art school. I felt it needed some sort of a break. I didn’t think I’d come back to painting.. But living in NYC for a year or two has gotten me back to sketching, were I was discovering my style, completely the opposite from the traditional Russian school that I was taught.

And now it’s like a meditation for me.. You can wake me up in the middle of a night, saying that we got a model who is there ready to pose.. And I’ll be right there ready to capture a moment..

Last year I participated in a few shows with my works, and now I am getting ready for my own one.

4. How do you usually spend your summer?

— My summer is usually pretty busy, plus there is so much going on in NYC. I love summertime in New York, with long weekend escapes to the beach... I got a lot of plans for this summer! You will see some of them :)

5. Which season you think is the most creative for you? The most busy?

— It’s different every time, and it’s totally unpredictable :)

6. What are your plans for this summer? (as a musician, model, artist, normal human being lol)

— I don’t really make plans by seasons, in my mind there are plans for the nearest future ...Right now it is writing, painting, singing.. Making my personal progress in all the fields.. Music, fashion, art. Simply performing my best at all of them. I want to finally spend sometime in Vienna.., and also to surprise you with a couple of music videos! :)