Interview: KAIYA

Meet KAIYA - a Ukrainian born & NYC-based model, indie-pop-electronic singer and artist. She was born in Ukraine and grew up in the European fashion world. Her music has been getting pretty amazing feedback from indie pop audiences all around the globe, as well as music blogs and magazines from the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Russia.

1. How are you? What’s going on now?

- How am I... I feel like it’s a pretty big year for me, a lot of significant things are happening. I love it! I know I can handle it, and I feel so ready for it… Keeping my focus 100%!

2. How did the audience find these new “versions” of GIMME? How has feedback been so far?

- People have different opinions about the remixes, personally I’m obsessed with r&b version, basically I keep on playing over and over again.. :)

Some people have their preferences, others are more open-minded to different versions and like all of them the same. There are some skeptical ones as well ;) Because by their standards remix can’t be as important as original. But come on guys, these days? ..))) And also I personally love different takes on things, on art, on music, on a song..

Overall I think we did a great job, and we’ve been getting great feedback.

3. Also, congrats on your first live show! Any new concerts coming up soon?

- Thank you! It was insane but awesome! :)) Also it was my Bday party, so we did two in one - my stage debut on my birthday - very symbolistic))

And now there are definitely more shows to come. I’m playing a few in November.

4. How is your music video going? We can’t wait to see it!

- It’s so close to be done, just a few final touches! And then we will be working on a second video, while promoting and putting out the first one.

5. Which songs are you going to release your music videos for?

- So, the first video, that is almost ready, is for “Games” . The next one, which is in progress, is for “Gimme”, it’s shot and now it’s getting edited.

6. Are you working on some new music as well? Any hint? lol

- I am! Also about to do a few different collaborations with a few artists. It’s going to be R&b, jazz, electronic.. Last movie about Quincy Jones really deeply impressed me. Now all I want to do is to create, non stop! ⚡️:)