Interview: Memory Alexandra

Today we are sharing an interview with Memory Alexandra: Pop singer-songwriter from America.

1. The new single RIDE is a great song and so catchy! What is the inspiration behind the song?

– Thank you! Honestly, I wrote Ride at transition point in my life. At that time, I took a moment and realized how the manipulative behavior and abuse around me had influenced me to live my life for others and completely neglect myself. On the day I wrote the song, I made the decision to walk away from those things that weighed me down and invest my time in loving my lord, loving myself and focusing on fulfilling my goals and dreams. I realized that I am deserving of good things despite what I had been told my whole life. So, in short, the inspiration from Ride was truly a revelation that I experienced within my own life that I am now excited to be able to share.

2. Who are your musical idols?

– I have no musical idols, but I have the upmost respect for every musical artist and their craft.

3. If you could play with any one artist (living or dead) who would it be and why?

– Michael Jackson because he was a raw talent. There was and is no comparison in terms of an individual who was able to compose and deliver incredible songs with a breathtaking performance. He is definitely the artist that I would have truly enjoyed performing with.

4. When did you begin writing and singing and tell us a bit about your journey up until now.

– I began composing and producing songs long before I knew what songs were! As I child, I would sing and use whatever I could get my hands on as an instrument. This gift that I was born with has stayed with me my entire life.

5. What can fans expect from Memory Alexandra in the next year or so?

– A lot! Within the next month alone, fans can anticipate the release of an 18 track album. This is my first album release ever, and while I am excited about the release, I am even more excited to share a glimpse of my story with them as every track was birthed from a personal experience.

6. Any tour plans?

– Right now, I am still looking at opportunities to begin touring! I have not solidified anything yet, but I cannot wait to get some official dates on the calendar.

7. What is your process in the studio and how do you get motivated during a session?

– When I first get to the studio, I reflect first on why I wrote the song. Next, I transition to all of the people who could benefit in some way from hearing it. This process of recalling the emotions behind each lyric assist tremendously in my overall delivery of the songs.

8. Tell us where we can purchase your music?

– My music is available all over the world! You can purchase it from my website: and on other platforms such Itunes and Spotify

9. Please list all your social media and website links so our readers can find you.

– Instagram: @memoryalexandra Website: Twitter: @memoryalexandra Facebook: Website:

10. Any final words for our readers anything you would like to share with your fans?

– Stay true to who you are no matter how difficult—stay encouraged. Noone can understand you better than you can. Wait for no one to pursue your goals and dreams because they can’t see what is in you, only you can. How can someone believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself. Give yourself the best that you can give out of life. And most importantly, put God first in everything that you do.