Interview: Mr. Kinex

Today we are sharing an interview with Mr. Kinex: an ever evolving, multi faceted Hip Hop/Rap artist on the rise. With a blend of raw, unapologetic, and grimy content Mr. Kinex is steadily making an impact on the industry skillfully cultivating his identity as an artist. The Entertainer boasts a calculated approach to song writing structure, various arrays of lyrical composition, compounded with a raspy cadence and aggressive approach to his craft.

1. Do you have any interesting facts about your album Damage Control?

- You know, I think we’ve all had to clean up the wreckage we’ve caused at some point in our life *laughing*. I just might have a few albums to cover mine lol.

2. Who are your music inspirations?

- My musical inspirations vary from Eric Clapton to Easy-e. My inspiration comes from all genres and everyday struggles or highlights I live.

3. Do you plan to release music videos this year?

- Yes, for sure: already have a video done. I will release it right before Sxsw in Austin this year!

4. Do you like collaborating or you prefer to write and sing/rap your songs by yourself?

- Love to collaborate, but as far as writing goes, I write my lyrics 100 percent. Still love working with other people and getting the vibes rolling though. *Cough-cough* Kane Brown, hit me up, let's go huge with a cross over record!

5. What do you like to do more: songwriting or performing?

- Songwriting or performing? Good question. There is real peace when writing (I write all my own music), but when it comes to performing, I am the crowd-surfing champ!

6. Which cities will you visit with tour?

- The upcoming cites I will be touring in with the Haystack: Feb 25th - Moscow, Idaho Feb 26th - Olympia, Washington Feb 27th - Spanaway, Washington Feb 28th - Springdale Washington March 1st - Portland, Oregon March 2nd - Seattle, Washington March 3rd - Salem Oregon.

All while promoting my new single Drown, as well as album Damage Control.

7. How do you deal with haters?

- Haters? Hmm, good question again. Well, I embrace them and coddle them *laughing*. They are very common normal creatures who everyone needs (not at all) to keep me balanced and on my toes. Shoutout to all my haters: go hate me at ! Couldn't do this without my kids: honestly the reason I'm alive. Love you, Jordan and Charlie!!!