Interview: Pressure (Olof Jönsson)

Today we are sharing an interview with Pressure - a melodic rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. With band leader and guitarist Simon Siirpo Forsell at the helm, vocalist Olof Jönsson and guitarist Emil Salling lead everyday people around the world to overcome and embrace the pressures felt from everyday existence. Their lyrics famously show that there are two sides to every story - the good and the bad. Every song has a double meaning. 1. What inspired you to become a musician?

- I have always been interested in trying out new things. When I was eight years old I thought it would be fun to play the trumpet and I so did for 8 years, but I never really liked the music I was playing so I stopped playing the trumpet and music for a while and did ”normal teenage things". But when I was about 28 years old, I thought "it would be really nice to be able to play the guitar and sing along to it”. The next day I bought a guitar a chords book and started. That was actually the first time I started sing as well. I realised pretty fast that I will never be a "first gutiarplayer” but the singing part was had me in it grip. From that day I started to take singing lessons and playing in different sets of bands, both as an "rhythm guitar” and with only vocals as well.

2. Our readers would like to know more about your new release. Any interesting facts?

- It’s a song about never being satisfied, you always want a little more. That can be good if that drive doesn’t go too far, and you loose your self on the way and you might end up empty and alone. Its one of this songs that fits me more than I want to admit. I sometimes have to stop, wait and focus what’s really important in life, I can easily be carried away.

For us in the band this description really fits ”less is more”. Simon had the killer riff and some melody idea. Me and Simon changed the melody a little and a wrote the lyrics based from Simons ideas and we recorded it. And there it was! BUT we did not realise it. We changed the melody and about 5 times more and put in 3 extra month of work to make it better, just to realise the "first version” that we wrote together was THE ONE.

3. What feedback did you recieve about your new music?

- We heard that it is a little hard to categorise, It is melody Metal with a little bit of pop, classic rock and folk music in it. A lot of interesting melodys in the background.

4. Do you apply your personal life experience while making music?

- Yes, always, and no, not at all. It depends how the listener interpret the songs. The most of our songs could be interpret in many different ways. We put a lot of effort to make the songs and lyrics that way. But yes, in all the songs there are experiences, and pieces from our life.

5. What singers or bands influenced you the most?

- Queen, Bon Jovi, Sabaton.

6. Do you have favorite places to make music?

- My pool-house in my garden.

7. Will you go on Tour with your new release?

- As much as we want to we have to wait for this Corona issue looks better, even though Sweden has its own strategy.

8. What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

- Do what you want to do and follow your heart, be stubborn and work hard. Not because you have too, but because you want to. Surround yourself with people you like, people that inspires you, and people do things better than you, so you can improve yourself. Check out their new single:


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