Interview: R15ER

Today we are sharing an interview with R15ER: musician, producer and creator of Univibes Music from Melbourne, Australia.

1. First of all, tell us about how did you start your music career?

- Well, I was pretty much born into music. My family are all musos and I started playing piano when I was 4. That continued on until I started studying drums from age 12 through to about 18. I tinkered around with guitars and have been singing on and off over the years too. I am what you call a jack of all trades, but a master of none... ha!

2. Who are your music inspirations?

- That is a tough question because I have so many. From U2 to Hammock, From Red Hot Chili Peppers to Metallica, from Lenny Kravitz through to Ludovico Einaudi, From Hans Zimmer through to Faith No More. Honestly, there are heaps - I even love some dance music and classical music too. I believe in music, if I can feel it in my heart, it honestly doesn't even matter what style it is!

3. Our readers would like to know more about your music. Any interesting facts?

- Well I have just released my debut single Simply Beautiful, Beautifully Simple - I plan on releasing my album in the first half of 2019. Most of it all is atmospheric, electro, new age Univibes [if that makes sense]? But yes, I plan on releasing more and more music over the coming years.

4. What opinions have you recieved about your music?

- Honestly I have had people tell me they have cried hearing my music. Cried in a good way... LOL. But I also know there are people out there who won't like it and that's cool. Some people will resonate with it and some won't, but in all honestly when I heard someone say they cried, that was a moment for me. And there have been a few who have messaged me and told me they were so moved by my music - totally chuffed about that! I couldn't be happier.

5. What do you like to do more: songwriting or performing?

- I love songwriting, so much. But it is also a trap sometimes too. I go through waves of inspiration and the key for me is to never force it. But I have honestly had moments sitting on my piano writing a new song and I go into a trance. Like I am honestly on a different planet. It is the best natural high you can get I believe. It is euphoric in many ways when you come up with a new song. Saying all that, I do love playing live too.

6. Which countries do you want to visit with tour?

- Well honestly, the touring is coming later. But I really want to go to India. I am getting many messages from people in India - maybe it's the spiritual vibes that are resonating with people too? I also want to go everywhere with it, to any country that accepts it and likes it.

7. How do you deal with haters?

- Haters, funnily enough I find funny. If you have enough time to hate on people then that is something they are wasting their time on. For me, I just need to laugh about it. There will always be people who hate on me and I can't control that, but what I can control is what goes on inside of me - and laughter is just the best way for me to deal with that.

8. What would you tell to your fans?

- What would i tell to them? Well, I would just say a massive Thank you for being a fan and I hope my music has somehow made hit a chord with them in a positive way. Without fans, I would be nothing, so I owe my fans absolutely everything!

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