Interview: Tyson Fields

Today we are sharing an interview with talented artist Tyson Fields. who has just recently released his new single I'm Fallin'. 1. What inspired you to become a musician?

i wanted to preform and entertain since I was really young I seen singers like Micheal Jackson and said I wanna do that

2. Our readers would like to know more about your new release. Any interesting facts?

My new song is called I’m Fallin’ it’s basically about falling in love and the feelings that come with it

3. What feedback did you recieve about your new release?

Everyone I’ve heard so far likes it. They say it’s a good sound and an interesting production. That’s what I was going for

4. Do you apply your personal life experience while making music?

Yes of course every rhyme and melody has to come from somewhere all the experiences and thinks I have taken in every who I am and the creativity I put out

5. What singers or bands influenced you the most?

Right now I’m really influenced by Bryson tiller and Brent Fiayaz but I’m influenced by many artist across many genres

6. Do you have favorite places to make music?

I usually just sit at my computer in the middle of the night and get to work so I guess the answer to you question is I don’t really have a favorite place where ever the music wants to come out it will

7. Will you go on Tour with your new release?

No I will not but I hope to go on tour one day

8. What advise would you give to aspiring musicians?

if your dreams don’t scare you their not big enough instagram: tyson fields official

facebook: tyson fields singer dance