Interview: Polygon Peach

Today we are sharing an interview with Polygon Peach. Polygon Peach is a rock and roll, global groove, power trio from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Cultivated with passion, Polygon Peach developed under close quarters organically, growing together under one roof. Paying homage to the classics as well as bringing fresh flavor with a unique sound.

1. Describe your music for those who have never heard it.

– Our music is a mix of different styles with a rock and roll base, and attitude. We try to be as original as possible with everything we write.

2. Tell us about your new song Tossin & Turnin.

– Tossin & Turnin is really a song about just that. Not being able to sleep at night while thinking about what lies ahead in life. We recorded this track over and over again there is at least 3 versions and this last one is the version that hit home.

3. What inspires you to pursue music?

– We are inspired to pursue music because it has done so much for us in our own lives. What drives us is the possibility of doing the same for the masses.

4. Greatest career accomplishment so far?

– Our greatest career accomplishment so far would be self-producing our debut album titled The Blue Palace. We put our heart and souls into it!

5. What has been your biggest challenge?

– Our biggest challenge as a band has been choosing songs for our new album.There is 23 on there, and we must have written over 50.

6. What is your music goal for the year?

– Our musical goal for this year is to play as many shows around the US as we possibly can, and to better ourselves as as a band through that.