Interview: Xavier Toscano

Today we are sharing an interview with Xavier Toscano: artist who blends his love of EDM, rap, rock, reggae, and R&B with his dancing ability to create a dynamic stage show.

1. First of all, tell us about how did you start your music career?

- I started my career with desire. I knew what I wanted and I reached out to a producer and we started making songs in his basement. Been at it since!

2. Who are your music inspirations?

- There are sooo many to mention. But, I think anyone who has "made-it". THIS $#!T IS HARD!

3. Our readers would like to know more about your new video Never Wanna Leave. Any interesting facts?

- Cool! Yeah, I worked for 24 hours straight to make that video happen.

4. What opinions have you recieved about your music?

- HAHAHHAHA! They range widely; from people who think you are a genius to people who downright think your garbage. That's the one thing that no one really tells you when you start. That you have to be open to all sorts of opinions and you can't take any of them personally. I do love the people who appreciate me, though. They make me want to keep giving more.

5. What do you like to do more: songwriting or performing?

- HANDS-DOWN, PERFORMING! It feels amazing. 6. Which countries do you want to visit with tour?


7. How do you deal with haters?

- I don't most of the time. But when I do, it is because they are being mean to those around me. That, I can not stand!

8. What would you tell to your fans?