Review: Alexa Villa - Love Me Right

From age 7, Alexa Villa has been classically trained playing piano, performing original songs at talent shows and landing lead roles in theater class. She grew up in San Diego playing clubs with her parents' band and her brothers band before developing her own unique style.

Love Me Right is the brand new single and the beautifully composed romantic track. In this song Alexa shares her feelings and emotions about the love which everyone can easy relate to. To express it fully, she uses his soft vocal tembre that make listeners pay attention to the lyrics.

Love Me Right starts with upbeat instrumental, which catches listener's attention right from the beginning. The backing vocals make the composition even more interesting. Throughout the track, the singer talkes to her lover. Those lines from the chorus are the most sensitive and express the whole mood of the track:

- Feed my soul tonight

Escape in time

To sum up, Love Me Right is the amazing pop ballad that anyone who ever fell in love can relate to. Follow AlexaVilla :