Review: All In Moment - Haunt Me

All In Moment is a hard rock/metal band based out of Staten Island, NY. Two years ago, four fraternity brothers who enjoyed rock music met up for a random jam session in a basement. The meeting turned out to be fun for all four members, so much so that they decided to become a band. With Chris Scott on vocals, David Cohen on guitar, Michael Funk initially on bass, and Daniel Luczak on drums, the four became an independent metal band in 2016. Haunt Me is the second track from band's new album called 'All-In Moment', just like the band itself.

Energetic electric guitars are what we hear first in Haunt Me, and when the vocals kick in, they grab the listener's attention immediately. The song develops into the powerful track with rich arrangement, that makes this track a perfect example of great hard rock track.

To sum up, Haunt Me is an amazingly catchy song that will stay on repeat for a long time.