Review: Blacc Cuzz - Wadd Up Doe

Blacc’s earliest intentions for music didn’t include him being an artist. Instead, his first foray began with him investing hundreds of thousands in another local artist. While the situation didn’t pan out as expected, Blacc soon realized there was no better fit for the type of artist he wanted for his record label, Dream Big Empire, than the man in the mirror.

Wadd Up Doe is the brand new single and is a beautifully composed hip-hop track. To fully express the song's meaning, his pleasant vocals make listeners pay attention to the lyrics.

Wadd Up Doe starts with synths, and they grab the listener's attention immediately. The song gives listeners almost 3 minutes of enjoyment because of the whole mood of the track and carefully written lyrics, that makes this track a perfect example of a great track.

To sum up, Wadd Up Doe is an amazingly catchy song that will stay on repeat for a long time.





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