Review: Brad Geiger - Roman Revolutionaries: Beach Day

A product of the Los Angeles Indie / DIY music scene, Brad Geiger is a musical artist that engages listeners with sounds originating from a wide variety of influences. Rock & Roll, Dance, Hip Hop, Classical and Jazz music all deepen his sound palate and provide spirits that he evokes with his vibrant songwriting. Brad has created an Indie Rock Masterpiece with this album, generating a huge amount of excitement prior to its worldwide release.

Roman Revolutionaries: Beach Day is comprised of 14 incredible tracks where he uses genres, such as Rock. The album opens with groovy composition called Say which, in my opinion, is a great choice for the album opener. Starting with the energetic guitars and drums, it brings vibes of rock bands of the past century. The composition is followed by Elapses - upbeat tune where the artist uses synths, which make this song much more interesting, as well as in Roast and Feet Don't Stop. The third track, titled Alphabot Rocks - makes us feel the whole mood of the album. Catchy melodies will definitely stay in head for a long time. The 4th song on the record, Elle M'aime, impressed me with its dynamics and the vocal effect: this simple trick made this song much more personal and listeners can literally imagine that the singer talks right to them. Garden, which is one of my favorites from the album, as well as Amazed, is an easily memorable song: it starts with rock guitars and then develops in upbeat track which will make you even sing along. Allure, the 6th song on the tracklist, is the one that will definitely make listeners move because of its dynamics. Starting with guitars and drums, this song brings me real vibes with the guitar grooves. I can also say that guitars in Rolling Camera made me move to the beat as well. The 11th song, Round For You, surprises listeners with unique robot effect on vocals which makes this song really special. The lyrically touched song Waking, as well as Generosity ( I Wish I Was Worthy), surprises listeners with the contrast of electronic and rock parts. Reflective and meaningful track Come Back To Life will help you to dive deep in thoughts after a hard day. It is my absolute favorite from the record, because this song is more sensetive and touching in comparison to others.

To sum up, everything in Roman Revolutionaries: Beach Day comes together in a stream of consciousness style. This is unforgettable journey into the mix of rock music and meaningful lines in one piece.

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