Review: Bryan McAllister - Very Stable Genius

Bryan McAllister is a composer, bandleader, and keyboardist from Rocky Mount, NC and currently living in Reno, NV. Influenced by many genres and music styles, Bryan has found a voice in his playing and writing through blending electronics with acoustic instruments. Bryan has toured his own bands as well as touring with a handful of rock and metal bands, and the acclaimed indie rock group The Tragic Thrills. After finishing graduate school at the University of Nevada, Bryan was hired to the faculty, teaching courses in musicology and the arts. Bryan has had the honor of playing with many great musicians including Peter Epstein, Donny McCaslin, Marvin 'Smitty' Smith, Bennie Maupin, Dara Tucker, and Lage Lund.

Very Stable Genius is comprised of 8 incredible tracks in genres, such as Jazz and Blues. The album opens with groovy composition called My Fingers Are Long And Beautiful which, in my opinion, is a great choice for the album opener. Starting with the drums and bass, it brings vibes of jazz of the past century. The composition is followed by Executive Time - calm tune where used various synths, which make this song much more interesting. The similar effect we can see in I Know Words - the 4th track on the record. The third track - Fake News - surprises us with interesting rhythm: this song literally makes us feel the whole mood of the album. It brings me vibes of Arabic music. The 5th song on the record with cool name, My IQ Is One Of The Highest, in the beginning is a slow and relaxing tune, very Jazzy and easily became one of my favorites, as well as Plan A Parade. Later it impressed me with its dynamics and contrast parts which have gorgeous arrangement. State Of The Uniom, which is also one of my favorites from the album, is such a dreamy song: it will help you to dive deep in thoughts after a hard day. Mueller, the 7th song on the tracklist, is the one that will definitely make listeners move because of its dynamics. Starting with keys, this song brings me real vibes with its grooves.

To sum up, everything in Very Stable Genius comes together in a stream of consciousness style. This is unforgettable journey into the mix of jazz music and meaningful lines in one piece.