Review: Canon Beach - Canon Beach

Canon Beach is an indie music project by American singer/songwriter Gregory K. His debut self-titled EP is a haunting, yet gorgeous array of lush guitars, organic and electronic elements, and airy, nostalgic vocals. The EP delves into the ubiquitous themes of relationships, heartbreak, and the journey of loss, but the songs are meticulously crafted to ensure that every listener can move to the beat of any given track, while feeling hopeful, and unafraid to find light within the darkness of life and love.

Canon Beach is the album, titled just as musician's stage name. It is comprised of 5

incredible tracks in Indie genre. The album opens with melodic composition called To

The Intransigent which is a great choice for the album opener. Starting with the

guitar, it brings vibes of alternative music and, in my opinion, this song could became

a soundtrack for Netflix movies: I can literally imagine the scene of teenagers driving

a car in the foggy road. The composition is followed by Back And Forth - tune where

an artist uses various effects which make this song much more interesting. The third

track - Scientific Speech - starts with electric guitar and additionally with drums: this song literally makes us feel the whole mood of the album. Catchy melodies will definitely stay in head for a long time. Reflective and meaningful acoustic ballads Only So Much Time and The Next Room are the ones that help you to dive deep in thoughts after a hard day, but The Next Room is my absolute favorite from the record, because this song is more sensetive and touching in comparison to others.

To sum up, everything in Canon Beach comes together in a stream of consciousness style. This is unforgettable journey into the mix of indie music and meaningful lines in one piece.

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