Review: Comatose Red Ivy - Mason Jar Fareflys 3 Trys

Updated: Apr 20

Comatose Red Ivy is the talented transgender woman, singer and rapper. Started in entertainment October 16 2020, she suddenly and magically wanted a microphone had never ever sang or thought about ever being on a microphone before. She has been a writer for 25 years: wrote rhymes and third century riding in all kinds of writing before projecting as a rapper and singer, as well as a voice actor.

Single comprised of 3 incredible versions of track united by the name 'Mason Jar'. The first one - Mason Jar One Bug (Firefly Freestyle) - starts with acoustic guitar and singing. It captivates listeners by the touching lyrics. It is followed by song titled Mason Jar Two Bug (Firefly Freestyle) - it actually is more into the rap style. The third track - Mason Jar (Twilight Rock Freeztyle) - is a catchy track, where we can feel the unique atmosphere and enjoy guitar sounds mixed with unique rhythm.

Check it out: