Review: Django Riders - Friction

Coming at you all the way from the endless plains and rolling hills of Middle Tennessee it’s The Django Riders, a 4 piece group of jive honkies looking to make a name for themselves. Their new album Friction is out on February 22nd.

Friction is comprised of 4 incredible tracks where they use genres, such as Soul and Funk. Blame Game is, in my opinion, a cool groovy song. Drums and electric guitars bring vibes of funk bands of the past century. Musky Funk - slow tune where the band uses backing vocals, which make this song much more interesting. As for me, this song has jazzy vibes, and it makes it one of my personal favorites on the record. The track, titled just as the album - Friction - starts with guitar and drums: this song literally makes us feel the whole mood of the album. Catchy melodies will definitely stay in head for a long time. The Motion impressed me with its dynamics. The pleasant vocals and effects make this song an example of awesome modern funk track.

To sum up, everything in Friction comes together in a stream of consciousness style. This is unforgettable journey into the mix of funk music and meaningful lines in one piece.