Review: Half Cashed House Band - Loveline

A Comedy/Music legend in the making! Half Cashed House Band will not dissapoint with hijinks and antics galore. A musical masterpiece with laugh-out-loud lyrics that will certainly tickle that funnybone. Tell your friends, tell your grandma, Half Cashed House Band's got it goin' on! Loveline is comprised of 5 tracks in genres, such as Pop and Rock. The album opens with the composition called Be Mine, Valentine which, in my opinion, is a great choice for the album opener. Starting with vocals and minimalistic instrumental, personally for me it sounds catchy, and hilarious lyrics and effects make it much more interesting. The composition is followed by song titled Hot Mess Magnet - it starts with vocals, and when chorus kicks in, it makes listeners move. The 3rd track on the record, Church Going' Girl, impressed me with its epic vibe: it's definitely a unique song on the album. Deadbeat Boyfriend surprises us with unique drum beat which make this track stand out from the whole EP: it became my favorite because of its sound. The album is closed by track Dick Pic, a funny tune with cool arrangement.

To sum up, everything in Loveline comes together in a stream of band's unique style. This is a journey into the mix of comedy vibe and catchy arrangement. Releases February 14, 2021