Review: Hyde Out - Smoke And Mirrors

Hyde Out is a duo from London, consisting of Omar and Jaka. They have been musically collaborating since 2014 and come from broad creative musical backgrounds. Omar was the musical lead of several bands throughout Europe and Australia, whereas Jaka honed his musical craft through collaboration with recognised popular and classical musicians throughout Europe. They make music as a passion, not as a living, and are looking for novel ways to reboot the sounds that defined their own musical origins, and redefine them in a contemporary way.

Smoke And Mirrors is comprised of 12 incredible tracks. The album opens with composition called - Alive - which, in my opinion, is a great choice for the album opener. Starting with guitar, it brings vibes of modern acoustic music. The song is followed by Wide and Bright - tune with unique and nostalgic beat, which makes listeners keep on listening. Move It and Meadvale Road surprise us with the groovy rhythm: these songs literally make us feel the whole mood of the album. Melodic arrangement will definitely stay in the head for a long time. The 12th song on the record, This Looks Like, impressed me with its atmosphere and sound effects, which made this song interesting and remarkable, as well as Make My Day. Island Sunshine, which is one of my favorites from the album, is an easily memorable song: it has interesting rhythm, catchy melody and rich arrangement, so is the album-titled song Smoke And Mirrors. Fluent in Silence, the 8th song on the record, is the one that will definitely make listeners relax because of its atmosphere. It starts with minimalistic instruments and developes into fully-arranged track, as wel as Welcome. Derelict and Ode to J are the ones that help you to dive deep in thoughts after a hard day.

To sum up, everything in Smoke And Mirrors comes together in a stream of consciousness style. These 12 tracks will definitely transfer you into another dimension of inspirational music.