Review: J-Carter - Take Hip-hop Back

Wasting no time, J-Carter is back with his 3rd album (Take Hip-hop Back) within a year. J-Carter states “This time around the people will have no choice but to hear me”. He has been criticized about sounding too old school, not having any trap music, no club bangers, and that he should not even be making music at all. With this new album he plans to silence the critics and leave no room for doubt about his skills and leaving his mark in this hip-hop game.

Take Hip-hop Back is comprised of huge amount of incredible tracks where he uses genres, such as Hip-hop and Rap. The album starts with the groovy song Ain't Trap Enough, which is, in my opinion, great choice for the album opener. It reminds me of hip-hop of the past century. It Keeps Raining - calm tune where we can hear sound of the rain on the background, which make this song much more unique. As for me, this song has jazzy vibes, and it makes it one of my personal favorites on the record. The fourth track on the album - Fake Cats Fall Back - literally makes us feel the whole mood of the album. Catchy melodies will definitely stay in head for a long time. I'm On That Final, That Hotness and Rsvp Wit Me impressed me with the strings in the beginning. The female voice in chorus makes this song an example of awesome modern hip-hop track. Let It Go is also my favorite one: this song has meaningful lyrics which can't leave anyone indifferent. Miss My Baby is the heartbreaking ballad about missing the love, which many people can relate, as well as Nothing But The Best and Stop Comparing me, which has Pop and R&B vibes. No Arguments catches attention right from the beginning: starting from the dialogue, it develops into groovy composition with catchy beat and backing vocals, which make the track much more interesting. Out Of The Door is definitely a hit track on the album: the claps and backing vocals, as well as sounds of photograph, made me keep it on repeat. Spit Here and No Good Men are the tracks that play on contrast: starting with piano and additionally with drums, the first one even brings latino vibes to me. The energetic rapping also makes this song interesting. The track, titled just as the album - Take Hip-hop Back - speaks for itself: this track is classic hip-hop track, which defines the mood of the record.

To sum up, everything in Take Hip-hop Back comes together in a stream of consciousness style. This is unforgettable journey into the mix of hip-hop music and meaningful lines in one piece.