Review: Doddi - Last Dance (Wastelands) (feat. Una Stef)

This is the first solo release from the Icelandic artist Doddi (Þórður Helgi Þórðarson). Doddi has been releasing music for 15 years as the comical character Love Guru. That music is all about fun joy and silliness. On this first solo song, Doddi got the soul, Jazz and swing singer, Una Stef to work with him and they deliver this dark but beautiful song called Last Dance (Wastelands). Last Dance (Wastelands) is a pop track which has 4 versions. The first, original version, starts with drums and synths, which catch listener's attention right from the beginning. This version is followed by beautiful music video, where we can see the girl watching the photos, that remind her about the love story she had. Besides this scene, we can see two lovers walking, kissing, riding the bike and taking those polaroids. Second version of the track - Last Dance (Wastelands) (Xander Milne Remix) - starts with catchy beat, but this remix is more minimalistic in comparison to the original one. Here we can hear the focus on the drum and bass parts. Next version, Last Dance (Wastelands) (TBD Mix) is more club-oriented, in my opinion. Starting with groovy beat, we can hear how TBD used Una's vocals and made them sound ethereal. This mix has various effects on vocals which make the song more interesting, and the structure of this remix makes the listener wanna dance. The final remix, Last Dance (Wastelands) (Abludo), surprises us with the synths and rhythm pattern. It reminds me of the synthwave music from the past century, and this is what I like in this remix. Groovy melodies and synths literally made the track a second life. To sum up, Last Dance (Wastelands) is a great song which will stay on repeat for a long time, and remixes show this track from various sides to express its creativity.