Review: Mad Panda - The Garden Party

Comprised of two founding members Sid&Zac, Mad Panda formed in 2016. Since, Mad Panda have been writing and recording for two years, believing in the strength of long lived records, with the temptation of potential future shows. Striving to create uniqueness and originality, Mad Panda have influences that stretch the cosmic ranges of musica, and the arts.

The Garden Party is comprised of 11 incredible tracks where they use genres, such as Alternative and Pop. The album opens with groovy composition called Blue Girl which, in my opinion, is a great choice for the album opener. Starting with the talks and laughter, this simple trick made this song much more personal and listeners can literally imagine that they are in the same room with the band. The composition is followed by Another Persona - calm tune where the band uses such effects as strong reverberation on the vocals, which make this song much more interesting. The third track - My Horses Lucky Penny - is filled with various sounds that blends together perfectly and it brings vibes pop music of the past century. The same retro feeling I got from the song with the poetic name - In Search of the Ulterior Mind. The 4th song on the record, In&Out, impressed me with its dynamics and the retro mood in general. Beautiful vocals make this song one of my favorites on the album. Caught on the Memory and Huzzah are an easily memorable songs: catchy melodies will definitely stay in head for a long time. She Fears the Rhythm, the 5th song on the tracklist, is the one that will definitely make listeners move because of its dynamics. Starting with synths, this song brings me real vibes. The acoustically touched in the beginning song Trippy Swing, as well as JustLikeGlue and Verity's Dream, surprises listeners with the contrast of acoustic and alternative parts. These reflective and meaningful ballads are the ones that help you to dive deep in thoughts after a hard day.

To sum up, everything in The Garden Party comes together in a stream of consciousness style. This is unforgettable journey into the mix of alternative music and meaningful lines in one piece.

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