Review: Mike Hunnden - Collector

Mike Hunnden is an independent artist out of Denver, Colorado who started

pursuing his career in the music industry just a little over 3 years ago.

He grew up listening to music from artists like Eminem, Hopsin, Queen,

Flyleaf, Disturbed, and Asking Alexandria. This wide range of influences

can be heard in the different elements of rap, hip hop, pop, rock, and

metal he puts into his songs. This unique combination and sound is what

makes him able to keep the listener entertained with every new song

released as well as within each of those songs themselves as you never know

what you might get. His topics also range from a multitude of areas in life

such as love at first sight and the worst break up of your life, but also

exploring the darker side of one's self and battling your inner demons with

the desire of controlling it and not letting it control you. One key factor

in all of these is that they are real and relatable. He continues to push

the boundaries of interlocking different genres in an effort to create

something new and fresh while still staying real and true to himself. Collector is the brand new single and is a beautifully composed hip-hop track. To fully express the song's meaning, pleasant vocals make listeners pay attention to the lyrics.

Collector starts with synths, and when the catchy beat kicks in, the listener's attention gets grabbed immediately. The song gives listeners over 3 minutes of enjoyment because of the whole mood of the track and carefully written lyrics, that makes this track an example of great hip-hop track. It is followed by the beautifully filmed music video that tells the story along with the beautiful landscapes.

To sum up, Collector is an amazing hip-hop track that will stay on repeat for a long time.