Review: NatStar — THE CODE

NatStar is music personified. A musician, producer, songwriter, and performer packaged into one artist. Describing his sound as a mix of Hip-Hop, R&B, & Soul, he’s a triple threat; as he sings, raps and produces for a diverse mix of genres. Bringing his life experiences, thoughts, emotions and feelings into every song he creates, he paints something new on his musical canvas every time. Making it personal yet still something fans can relate to. 

Having worked with the likes of Ski Beatz, Brandy, Camp Lo, Loon, Polish Pop Singer Gosia Andrzejewicz & more, NatStar's musical resume continues to grow. Expanding beyond the US, NatStar has gained fans overseas in Singapore after a 6 month tour, Poland, Switzerland as well as Senegal, Africa after headlining the Dakar Hip-Hop Festival. 

NatStar has amassed over 3,000,000+ streams on Spotify, matched by the 2,000,000+ views he has accumulated on his youtube channel and it's continuing to grow daily.

THE CODE is comprised of 21 incredible tracks. The album opens with composition called just like the LP - THE CODE - which, in my opinion, is a great choice for the album opener. Starting with synths, it brings catchy vibes of modern hip-hop music. The song is followed by FAST LANE - tune with unique and nostalgic beat, which makes listeners keep on listening because of its atmosphere. LOCO, BBL and BACK surprise us with the groovy rhythm: these songs literally make us feel the whole mood of the album. Melodic arrangement will definitely stay in the head for a long time. MADD starts with keys kind of in RnB style, which fit rapper’s style perfectly: the similar vibes we can hear in STAK. U TRIPPIN and HEAVY are very confident tracks — perfect example of what the good modern hip-hop tracks are. The 13th song on the record, LIEUTENANT, impressed me with its atmosphere and sound effects, which made this song interesting and remarkable, as well as SPARK and GOT U. BTA, which is one of my favorites from the album, is an easily memorable song: it has interesting rhythm, catchy melody and rich arrangement, so are the songs ENIGMA and DREAM LIFE. SHOOT, the 10th song on the record, is the one that tells the story in an interesting way. It starts with minimalistic instruments and developes into fully-arranged track, as well as PARADISE. ROLL UP and RING have also some backing vicals and various effects which make these tracks much more interesting and remarkable. AROUND THE WORLD and FLOWER CHILD are the ones that help you to dive deep in thoughts after a hard day.

To sum up, everything in THE CODE comes together in a stream of consciousness style. These 21 tracks will definitely transfer you into another dimension of modern hip-hop music.