Review: Patrick Noel Russ — Rise Up

Singer-songwriter Patrick Noel (Russ) has been recording and performing music since the age of 14. Patrick first began playing music during the peak of the singer/songwriter movement, thus he developed an early appreciation for the craft of songwriting. He brings the same raw authenticity to every project, filling all his songs with wisdom and experience. With new releases scheduled for 2021 and beyond, Patrick is poised to be a fixture in Americana music for years to come.

Rise Up is comprised of 4 tracks in Country genre. The album opens with the composition called I Can Take You which, in my opinion, is a great choice for the album opener. Starting with catchy beat, this track brings the energetic mood. The composition is followed by song titled Hero - it sounds unique, like a soundtrack, and it makes listeners move. The 3rd track on the record, Out Here, surprises us with catchy arrangement which makes this track stand out from the whole EP: it became my favorite because of its sound. The album is closed by All I Need To Be, a cool tune with touch of rock.

To sum up, everything in Rise Up comes together in a stream of singer’s unique style. This is a journey into the mix of country music with catchy arrangement.