Review: Patrizia - Andale Remixes EP

Updated: Jul 13

Andale Remixes EP is comprised of 5 remixes of the singer's new track - Andale. The album opens with the composition called Andale (Singular Gaze & Neapoliss Remix)- it starts with slow synths, and when the beats kick in, it makes listeners move. Gradually developing, listeners can hear the catchy drop in the traditions of modern dance music/ The composition is followed by Andale (Belkadi. Remix) which, in my opinion, is a great choice for the album track. Starting with the beat, it makes the contrast with the previous remix with various sound effects which make it much more interesting. The next track on the record, Andale (Hi5 Remix), starts with the beat, and gradually the synths are added. surrounding the singer's vocal. This remix is composed more in pop style with the touches of hip-hop arrangement. Andale (Peter K Remix) surprises us with unique drum beat which make this track stand out from the whole EP. This one will be definitely one of the favorites for the fans of the catchy club music: rich arrangements make the listeners move immediately. Andale (Android Graffiti Remix) is absolutely different remix in comparison to the others. A little bit slowed down, it makes us pay more attention to the meaningful lyrics. This is a great example of modern pop music.

To sum up, everything in Andale Remixes EP comes together in a stream of unique style. This is a journey into the mix of electronic vibe and catchy arrangement.