Review: Plastic DJ - Waiting for Your Call

Plastic DJ is a Barcelona based electronic music producer. A sonic odyssey straight into the mind’s eye, Plastic DJ makes music you can truly feel connect to your heart and soul. Through a boldly expressive and imaginative range of powerful ideas and sounds that draw on Deep House and Downtempo based atmospheres, the infusion of Electro and the vibrantly dynamic and melodic driven vocals add brilliant texture and depth to the music of Plastic DJ.

Waiting for Your Call is the brand new single and the beautifully composed electronic track. To express it fully, he uses his soft vocal tembre that make listeners pay attention to the lyrics. Getting closer to the end of the song, we can hear backing vocals in chorus, which make it more powerful.

Waiting for Your Call starts with synth, which catches listener's attention right from the beginning. Additionally it developes in the full track with drums. The song gives the listeners almost 7 minutes of the relax because of the whole mood of the track and carefully chosen instruments, that makes this song perfect example of the modern electronic track. Throughout the song singer adresses his feelings and questions to the certain person:

- Tell me if it's wrong or right?

To sum up, Waiting for Your Call is the amazing electronic song that will stay on repeat for a long time.