Review: R.W. Roldan - The Color Of

Born in New Jersey and raised on the West Coast, R.W. Roldan is known as someone with something to say. He sings his songs like someone who owns the story, writes about what he knows and has lived in the classic Country and Blues/Rock style.

The Color Of is the meaningful country ballad followed by beautiful music video, filmed in warm retro colors. During the video, we see classic country scene of driving mixed with playing the guitar and with retro photos of America and American people. Roldan wears cowboy hat which make him look more country than ever. Though the song sounds relaxing, it has the powerful message; we can see Ray William asking himself in the chorus:

- So what makes the color of man's skin a capitol crime? Why's one worth a dollar and another not worth a dime? Roldan believes in equal treatment of all people, no matter how do they look and there are they from, and this message is definitely what people and Country music needs nowadays. Check it out on: