Review: Superbig - Sideways Love

Superbig is an alternative rock band based in Chicago, IL, consisting of lead singer/guitarist Jimmy Fountalas, drummer Frank Iffland, lead guitarist Patrick Senorski, and bassist Anthony Settecase. Since forming in 2007, the band has played some of Chicago’s most renowned stages, blasting out finely crafted bursts of crowd-pleasing rock n’ roll. Superbig meshes bright guitar riffs, soothing backing harmonies, driving drum beats, and powerful lead vocals to tell their story of “desperate living, failed relationships and obvious bad life choices".

Sideways Love is the catchy alternative rock song followed by beautiful music video, filmed in warm retro colors. During the video, we see neon scenes mixed with graceful dancers and singer himself. Basically we can see people having fun in the club and it reminds me of the usual Friday night. During the party, we can see man secretly watching the girl while she washes the dishes. He shares his attraction and desire to know her more in lines:

- Come rush into my side And look into my eyes

And tell me 'who are you?'

Tu sum up, Sideways Love is a catchy ballad that listeners will definitely keep on replay.

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