Review: TaniA Kyllikki

TaniA Kyllikki is british girl from the outskirts of London. Being a very versatile singer-songwriter with wide vocal range and a fast flair for songwriting having written many songs to date. TaniAs versatile vocals has given her the ability to cover a wide range of genres. This being in contemporary and commercial pop, R&B, soul, gospel and poprea. TaniA, having written many songs to date, including her self penned albums, is going from strength to strength working hard on writing and recording more of her own original material to release. In 2020 dispite the pandemic, through social media TaniA teamed up with producers from the USA and wrote a beautiful heartfelt album called "WHY" due for release 30th November 2021. We hope your ready with your box of tissues because, TaniA will take you on emotional journey with this album.

In this review we would like to introduce you the discography of this talented singer, starting with her latest single called Rare - it starts with slow guitar, and when the beats kick in, it brings very intimate vibe. Gradually developing, listeners can hear the catchy chorus in the traditions of modern pop music. The previous single released is Remind Me which, in my opinion, is such a powerful track. Starting with the beat, it makes the contrast with the previous track with various sound effects which make it much more interesting. The next track I wanna review is Why: it starts with the piano, and gradually other instruments are added, surrounding the singer's vocal. This song is definitely one of the most touching songs by TaniA, in my opinion. My Hero surprises us with unique drum beat which make this track stand out. It reminded me of Jessie J music: great mix of pop instrumental and meaningful lyrics. Lie With Me is an absolutely different song in comparison to the others. A little bit slowed down, it makes us pay more attention to the meaningful lyrics. This is a great example of modern pop music.

To sum up, everything in TaniA Kyllikki‘s music comes together in a stream of unique style. This is a journey into the mix of pop vibe and sincere lyrics. Don’t miss her new album WHY coming November 30th.