Review: Taylor Hollingsworth - Tap Dancin' Daddy

Taylor Hollingsworth’s solo recordings date back to 2003, ranging from weird lo-fi blues-pop (2003's You Know That Summers Comin’ and 2011’s Where to Go, How to Get There and What You Should Know in Advance), to whiplash-shredding, 70’s-era sing-alongs (2005’s Tragic City), to flawlessly-fingerpicked-acoustic avalanche-of-tear ballads (2009’s Life With a Slow Ear).

Tap Dancin' Daddy is comprised of 11 incredible tracks in Alternative genre. The album opens with upbeat composition called Devil N Me which, in my opinion, is a great choice for the album opener. Starting with the catchy beat, it brings vibes of retro alternative music. The composition is followed by The Waiter - tune with pleasant melody, which gives listeners relaxing vibes. Beginning of the Ending, as well as Lookin' Like A Few, - surprises us with the percussion parts: these songs literally make us feel the whole mood of the album. Catchy verses and melodic choruses will definitely stay in the head for a long time. The 4th song on the record, Tap Dancin' Daddy, impressed me with its atmosphere: vocal and guitar effects made this song interesting and remarkable. Ava, which is one of my favorites from the album, is an easily memorable song: it starts with groovy guitar and drums and develops in track with catchy melody and rich arrangement. I'm Still A Kid, the 5th song on the record, is the one that will definitely make listeners relax because of its calmness. Bass and sound effects make this track an example of unique experimental track. Hop In!!! surprises listeners with unique arrangement which perfectly contrast with other songs on the record. Reflective and relaxing tracks Mermaid Miracles, Simple Like You And Me and Back Of The Line are the ones that help you to uplift your mood after a hard day, but Simple Like You And Me is my favorite one.

To sum up, everything in Tap Dancin Daddy comes together in a stream of consciousness style. These 11 tracks will definitely transfer you into another dimension of inspirational music.