Review: The Fireflys - This House Is Ours

The Fireflys are a British guitar band who formed in Runcorn, England in 2007. The band have released 4 albums to date and their 5th entitled “Only Us, Northern Lights” is due for release in early 2019 on Strawberry Moon records. The groups musical style primarily consists of rock with an emphasis on Americana as well as elements of other genres such as Grunge and Folk.

This House Is Ours is the brand new single by The Fireflys and the beautifully composed country ballad. In this song the singer shares his feelings and emotions about everything around him, and this is definitely a topic which everyone can easy relate to. To express it fully, he uses his soft vocal tembre that make listeners pay attention to the lyrics.

This House Is Ours is basically about man enjoying the world he lives in, the people which are close to him. Throughout the verses, he mentiones such small and simple things, as wind and sun, and proves his strong enjoyment in the chorus:

- Oh, wow, it's a beautiful life

To sum up, This House Is Ours is the amazing acoustic ballad that anyone can relate to.

Check it out: