Review: The Links - Take It Away

The Links are an alternative band from Lafayette, LA who cover a variety of sounds and genres through their own lens of alternative noise, pop & psychedelia. The band's live sound is a bit more focused & rocky than the records, which experiment a bit more with textures (guitars, keyboards, whatever other instruments are available at the time) and production techniques/layering.

Take It Away is the brand new single and the beautifully composed alternative track. To fully express the song's meaning, band uses their soft vocal timbres that make listeners pay attention to the lyrics.

Take It Away starts with drums, guitar and vocals, which catch listener's attention right from the beginning. The song gives the listeners 4 minutes of the enjoyment because of the whole mood of the track and carefully chosen instruments, that makes this song perfect example of the modern alternative track. Throughout the song singer shares philosophical thoughts in a poetic way:

- Well I’ve loved but I don’t love no more & you take it away You thought but you don’t think no more, can you take it away?

To sum up, Take It Away is the amazing alternative song that will stay on repeat for a long time.