Review: Tom Flynn - Automatic People

After years of honing his craft, Tom Flynn released his first solo album Travels in August 2018, produced by longtime friend and former band mate Tom Brislin. The album was greeted with enthusiasm from friends and fans. Here is the review of single Automatic People.

Automatic People is the opener of the album, and this is such a good choice for the first song in the tracklist. Right from the start, we hear upbeat melody consists of drums end electro guitars, followed by catchy chorus. In this song Tom talks about the typical busy day: he tells the story with details so listeners can literally feel like they are right there, waiting for the train or stopped in the traffic jam:

- See the Automatic People

Lining up in a row

With a minute to go

Tom pays attention that people around look tired and show no emotions; they are too busy (probably, because of the morning): - Empty faces fill the street. To sum up, Automatic People is an unusually written song many people can relate to.

Check it out: