Review: Tone Da Boss - Free (So Good)

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Tone Da Boss's latest releases are Fear, Anxiety & Depression, Stuck Inside, and Free. All available on all streaming platforms. This year he went through a lot outside of the Pandemic, and BLM. He went through a divorce, lost two houses, lost his job of 9 years, and was diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression all during the Quarantine. So his latest album addresses those things and he makes them relatable to the rest of the world.

Free (So Good) is the brand new single and is a beautifully composed track. To fully express the song's meaning, pleasant vocals make listeners pay attention to the lyrics.

Free (So Good) starts with catchy beat, and when the vocals kick in, they grab the listener's attention immediately. The song gives listeners over 3 minutes of enjoyment because of the whole mood of the track and carefully written lyrics, that makes this track an example of great inspiring track.

To sum up, Free (So Good) is an amazing song that will stay on repeat for a long time.