Review: YOVANNI - Breathe

The phrase that would sum up YOVANNI’s musical journey would be the one he used during his 2012 Qool Music Awards acceptance speech when winning in the Best R&B Dance Artist nomination - “Never ever ever give up on your vision”.

He had quite a few releases that charted on several DJ music and dance music charts and his current new single “Breathe”.

However, it hasn’t always been that easy and that’s why it was is so important to keep believing in the musical dream that YOVANNI has nurtured into his career.

Breathe is the beaningful ballad with the motivating message. During the aesthetically pleased music video, filmed in black and white tones, we see various scenes: beautiful architecture, landscape views and the singer himself. Using these scenes, YOVANNI makes listener dive deep in thoughts and think about his life: he literally tells all struggling people that all the troubles are behind now.

- Yesterday was nothing but a cloud You can breathe now

To sum up, Breathe is an unusually written song many people can relate to.