Review: Zama Rripa - 6 Ways From Sunday

Zama Rripa is a liberty-peace-love-minded-street-busking-singer-songwriter currently living in Miami, Florida, USA by way of Los Angeles, California, USA. Recently he released new single 6 Ways From Sunday where he speaks on important topic about political movement against Russia.

6 Ways From Sunday is the brand new single and the beautifully composed reggae track. To fully express the song's meaning, which is really deep and important, his pleasant vocals make listeners pay attention to the lyrics.

6 Ways From Sunday starts with repeating spoken word, melodica and percussion, which catch listener's attention right from the beginning. The song gives listeners over 4 minutes of the enjoyment because of the whole mood of the track and carefully chosen instruments, that makes this track a perfect example of the modern reggae track. Besides, the song has a powerful message: Zama believes in equality and peace and stands for the truth. In this song he expresses his thoughts about the fact that media can create a wrong image for the country and turn people against it: - Deep State stooges douche the constitution Dissolution’s the solution instead Eye for an eye and revolution Only sows more tears in the end

To sum up, 6 Ways From Sunday is the meaningful reggae song that will make people think about important things in life.